Croatian IT company Q enters into cooperation with popular British magazine

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event 30.10.2023.
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Q currently operates in more than 20 markets worldwide. According to rankings by Clutch, the leading reviews platform for IT providers, it is one of the best web development companies on a global scale.

The company Q agency once again records great business success outside Croatia, this time partnering with the well-known British tabloid The Sun to improve its user experience.

The Sun is one of the leading British media brands, reaching 31.1 million monthly readers through its print and digital editions. Q will work on developing the primary functionalities of The Sun web portal and maintaining the platform and mobile applications. All their solutions will significantly improve the reader experience and the entire digital appearance of the media.

“This is a big challenge for us because we work on a really big and important platform. Everything we do affects the millions of people who read The Sun and use its software packages. The complexity of this project helps us grow because we learn a lot of new things that we will be able to apply in the future,” commented Q’s CTO Hrvoje Gorajščan.

The bulk of the work is the development and implementation of user accounts where readers manage settings and subscriptions. In addition, work is being done to improve the user experience through complete optimization of the program and a new UX design. The platform will also introduce a newsletter as well as a help hub for user support.

“Thanks to this collaboration, The Sun and its readers will receive the most advanced and cutting-edge solutions in digital publishing. We look forward to an optimized user experience after working with the Q team,” said Catherine Liggins, Head of Delivery for The Sun.


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