British Telecom and Ericsson join forces to build private 5G networks

Author: Editorial
event 31.05.2022.
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Telcos BT and Ericsson have formed a multi-million-pound partnership to provide private 5G to businesses across Britain, allowing them to deploy IoT and other technologies faster and more securely.

Private 5G networks are similar to public 5G, but connectivity is limited to a group of devices in a dedicated space, such as a factory, a port or a campus, where the security and ultra-low latency of 5G may be fully leveraged in additional services.

Marc Overton, managing director of BT Enterprise’s Division X, said the British firm was collaborating with Sweden’s telecom leader on both deploying and operating the networks and putting applications on top. He pointed out that the two companies have already partnered on a number of large projects involving private 5G networks, including Belfast Harbour in Northern Ireland. They have installed a private 5G network across 35 acres, boosting operational efficiencies and streamlining procedures in transportation, logistics, supply chain, and shipping.

“We’re now into phase two of the project and this includes various use cases such as teleoperation of heavy plant machinery, artificial reality (AR) for remote maintenance, as well as enhanced video AI analytics and the use of drones for surveillance and inspections,” Overton said.

Under this new deal, the partners will focus on delivering 5G technology in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, as well as sites like large shopping malls and stadiums, and ports.


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