Acer to release 5G and WiFi 7 routers for next-level gaming

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event 09.01.2024.
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The tech giant has introduced a cutting-edge home router tailored for gamers, showcasing a fusion of 5G technology and the latest WiFi generation. This revelation is part of Acer’s Qualcomm-powered releases disclosed in anticipation of the CES 2024 start on January 9.

The Predator Connect X7 5G CPE, as touted by Acer, stands as the world’s first router to seamlessly integrate 5G and Wi-Fi 7 tri-band throughput. This integration promises impressive speeds of 3.5Gb/s and remarkably low latency, clocking in at just 1 millisecond.

Acer emphasizes the unique capabilities of the Predator Connect X7, asserting that the combination of 5G and Wi-Fi 7 allows for load balancing and fallback mechanisms, boosting reliability and minimizing disruptions during wireless gameplay sessions.

Sporting Acer’s iconic Predator branding, recognized across its range of home gaming products, including specialized laptop PCs and monitors, the router is designed to cater specifically to the gaming community.

In addition to the dual-connectivity hardware, Acer has introduced a Wi-Fi-only router alternative, both leveraging home platforms developed in collaboration with Qualcomm.

Acer’s General Manager for Connectivity, Wayne Ma, expressed the company’s commitment to elevating the gaming experience, stating that the connectivity features in these routers empower gamers to reach new heights in their gameplay.


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