OpenAI introduces new ChatGPT feature amid CEO drama

Author: Editorial
event 22.11.2023.
Foto: Shutterstock

You can now ask ChatGPT a question by saying it out loud, and the feature is available to everyone for free.

ChatGPT’s voice feature is now accessible to all users without charge, according to OpenAI’s official announcement on X (formerly Twitter).

Users can tap on the headphones icon to prompt ChatGPT with their voice and receive an audible response in the mobile app. Although OpenAI initially introduced voice and image prompts in September, it was limited to paying users.

This release coincides with internal challenges at OpenAI, marked by the abrupt removal of their CEO and co-founder Sam Altman and the subsequent chaotic negotiations for his reinstatement. Despite the tumultuous situation, the post on X humorously demonstrates the voice feature, asking ChatGPT how many 16-inch pizzas to order for a team of 778 people – a nod to the size of OpenAI’s workforce and recent internal unrest.


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