Huawei to sell SERES electric cars in its stores

Author: Editorial
event 29.04.2021.
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Huawei has decided to sell the new electric car from the Chinese manufacturer SERES, after participating in its development, in its flagship stores from April.

“This exciting announcement sets a precedent for both the consumer electronics industry and the new energy vehicle industry. In the future, we will not only provide leading smart car solutions to help partners build better intelligent vehicles, but also help them sell those vehicles through our retail network across China,” commented Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Group.

Huawei and SERES have jointly created a brand-new electric drive range extension system, significantly contributing to increased driving autonomy and battery charging speed. Equipped with Huawei’s DriveONE Three-in-One Electric Drive technology, the car allows for longer journeys, but also world-class sports performance. Thus, the new SERES SF5 car offers great flexibility for users, with a range of 180 km in pure electric mode for daily commuters, and a range of over 1000 km in the extended-range mode for long-distance travelers. The new system offers 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4.68 seconds. The vehicle performance is further aided by the lightweight aluminum chassis and enhanced front and rear suspension. All this together makes the new SF5 a performance monster, delivering a faster acceleration while also providing a more stable tilt control and superior shock absorption. HUAWEI HiCar solutions enable users to seamlessly switch their mobile applications to the vehicle’s central control panel, enabling access to navigation, music, and more, anytime, anywhere.

HUAWEI HiCar can also connect the car to other smart devices, so users in the car can turn on the air conditioning, smart screen, and other connected devices at home, with consummate ease. The vehicle’s three-dimensional surround audio system consists of 11 speakers, tuned by Huawei’s acoustics experts. Together with the perfect NVH solution – a library-level silence of 38 dB – the audio system delivers authentic and immersive sound quality.

The new SERES SF5 also includes the option to provide emergency power to isolated vehicles in the wilderness, as well as supply power to various appliances, such as induction cookers, stereo, and other equipment used for camping, for example. Its twisting and bending strength meets five-star safety design standards, with a body made of robust and reliable ultra-high-strength 1500 MPa thermoformed steel.

The car is equipped with L2+ level automatic assisted driving, traffic congestion assistance, adaptive cruise control, and other features that will help drivers in traffic jams and during long-distance journeys. SERES SF5 has sporty and sophisticated seats with ventilation, heating, and massage functions, and each driver has the option of setting a personalized smart welcome mode when getting in and out of the car.


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