Cloud infrastructure market dominated by Amazon, Google and Microsoft

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event 28.03.2022.
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In the last year, the cloud infrastructure industry increased its business by about $50 billion, to $178 billion. This is the data according to Synergy Research, and Canalys is reporting similar figures.

The big three – Amazon, Microsoft and Google – continue to grow at an extraordinary rate, capitalizing on that growth with their market dominance. Microsoft and Google are rising at similar rates for the quarter, around 45 percent, while Amazon grows at just under 40 percent. Yet Amazon continues to dominate with 33 percent of the market, followed by Microsoft with 21 percent and Google which with only ten percent.

Canalys data was very similar, as they estimated growth by $53.5 billion and the total market value at $191.7 billion. The percentage distribution of the three market leaders is almost the same: Amazon with 33 percent market share, Microsoft with 22 percent, and Google with nine percent. The difference in numbers arose because Canalys defines cloud infrastructure services as those that provide infrastructure as a service and platform as a service, either on dedicated hosted private infrastructure or shared infrastructure. For Synergy, these are infrastructure and platform services. Both companies omit SaaS, which counts as a separate category.

Both companies are announcing a large space for market growth and the continuation of huge revenue statistics, so it is to be expected that we will witness growth of more than 30 percent in the first quarter of 2022. Although the big three dominate, smaller companies are also making multibillion-dollar deals.

In its desire to get closer to the top two, Google has put special emphasis in its new analyses on cloud solutions in the context of “greener” business. Thus, Google highlights three industries it believes will experience the biggest changes in the near future: energy, consumer products and financial services. The analysis was guided by Google’s green initiative, i.e. the ecological transformation of the global economy and the orientation of the economy towards sustainable solutions in the long run.

Google experts recommend to the energy sector that the most important thing is to adequately recognize climate change, which can be done with the right tools. They point out that the key is in data collection and processing because a quality approach can improve energy business itself and result in sustainable growth.

For consumer products, it is important to have a “greener” production chain, which is helped by Google Cloud through satellite images of ecosystems related to raw materials around the world. They also point out that in the banking system it is necessary to connect the entire business in the best cost- and energy-efficient way. Naturally, Google offers solutions in its portfolio in this regard and promises sustainable growth.

Google stresses that companies in the market race must consider the environmental aspect because regulators have become relentless, creating additional pressure on sustainable growth, driven by the expectations of investors and consumers.


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